Our HeartWork Photography / Accessible Nature Education Program

Our HeartWork program offers No-Fee very small group/family nature photography outings which are specially tailored for the individual/s who have a disability and/or unique needs.

Physical barriers are researched, as well as noise, crowds, parking, and emotional triggers to ensure the highest level of success and enjoyment during the outing.

Our HeartWork Accessible Photography Outings normally have 6 or fewer participants who have any physical restrictions and are at any photography skill level. Most outings are 1-3 days long. They are usually at Public Parks & Lands, but other venues, such as Wildlife Preserves, Ecological Land Trusts, Wetlands and other outdoor sites close to the participants’ homes are also available.

Each person’s energy level is considered, with plenty of breaks built in.  Since the outing sizes are so small, we can remain very flexible if a participant needs to change the daily schedule.

When available, we coordinate with sponsors and non-profits to keep personal participant expenses low.

We carefully and thoughtfully design our Outings using our extensive experience as :

  • Vocational Rehabilitation counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Center For Independent Living founder
  • Adult and Youth Educators

Please allow us to take you on our Accessible Photography / Nature Education experience.