Eligible HeartWork Outings Participants

No-Fee Accessible Photography / Nature Education

Who are HeartWork’s students and participants?

  • Youth and Adults with Accessibility/Mobility needs
  • Family groups with one or more members who require a tailored group experience
  • Hearing Impaired/Deaf/Sign Language Interpreters
  • Wheelchair users
  • Those who get around with walkers, canes, prostheses
  • Veterans with PTSD and/or physical disabilities
  • First Responders and volunteers with PTSD
  • Cancer Survivors
  • Those with illnesses such as epilepsy, post-stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.
  • People with mild autism/Asperger’s and other developmental disabilities
  • Those who are legally blind
  • Wildfire and other Natural Disaster survivors, and those who have lost loved-ones
  • Anyone with facial/body scaring/burns/discoloration/tumors/etc.
  • People who cannot talk for any reason
  • Anyone with a terminal illness who wants a private small group
  • Those with controlled mental illness, post-depression, post suicidal
  • Youth and Adults with other significant disadvantages or difficult life experiences
  • Frail elderly couples