Cameras For Kids


Providing Cameras and Photography Education during COVID-19

Cameras and Education

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, children and parents are struggling to continue with education and an enjoyment of nature.  HeartWork Photography is responding by requesting gently-used or new, inexpensive digital cameras to be safely delivered to the family’s doorstep or an outdoor/public location.  We call this new program, CAMERAS for Kids. This volunteer service is for children ages 5-17 in western Nevada County, California, so that we do not need to leave the area in which we live. Names and addresses are never shared, and both Rick and Jeree are finger-printed and vetted through governmental agencies.  Children are asked to write thank you notes which are sent to HeartWork to be forwarded onto the camera donators.  All cameras are cleaned, checked, matched to the child’s age and skill-level, and sanitized. Parents are provided with instructional PDFs to help with their photography instruction.

Parents’ comments:

“My son’s camera was stolen and he will be so happy to get a replacement.”

“Our children are so excited to learn photography with their own cameras, and this is a great way to teach them about nature surrounding our house.”

“My daughter is in Scouts and looks forward to now working on her photography badge.”

“My child has been taking photos all day and this is the most excitement we have had in our home for weeks.”

How can I help get cameras to deserving children?

Consider buying one of our Nature and Wildlife Art Prints and Art Paintings, and all proceeds will go to buying cameras for CAMERAS for KIDS: HeartWork Photography Images

If you live in western Nevada County, CA, send us an email and we will talk to you about how you can donate a used or new camera that we will pick-up safely at your doorstep.  All digital cameras, very simple to more advanced, are needed.

Safe Instructions for Parents:

  1. Let us know through FB or Nextdoor messages or a phone call, (530) 575-4800, that you are interested in receiving one or more cameras for your children. Provide the age and photography-experience level for each child.  We do not want names or genders.
  2. You will get a response within a day to tell you what your number is on our waiting list, and to let you know the approximate waiting time to receive cameras for your children.
  3. We only provide donated cameras to children in western Nevada County, CA. You may either provide your address so we may drop the camera off at your doorstep, or you may arrange to meet us at a store parking lot in Grass Valley (with proper social-distancing of course). Address information is completely confidential.
  4. When a camera for children is donated, we check that is works well, we sanitize it, and we match it to the next family on the waiting list according to age and skill appropriateness. You will get at least a day’s notice that it will be dropped at your doorstep, or that we are ready to meet you in Grass Valley. We wear gloves and a mask when delivering the cameras.
  5. If there is a good supply of donated cameras, we try to give each child their own camera when there are multiple children in a family, The camera/s are put in a wrapped box or gift bag with a card from HeartWork and an envelope addressed to HeartWork so you can have your children write thank you notes or draw pictures to be given to those who donated the cameras.
  6. You are offered our PDF for basic photo composition instructions, and a more advanced PDF for older children about camera settings. This is sent via email and is also free.  We are available to answer questions about the cameras via email or a phone call.
  7. Please be assured that the only HeartWork people who will be in touch with you and those who deliver the Cameras for Kids are well-vetted, with fingerprint clearance and instructor/caregiver/therapist certifications. Again, all information about you and your family is protected.
  8. If you allow us to use a photo of your child for the purpose of camera requests and our website, the child cannot be identifiable and you must give us your permission. Please also send us images that you child has taken with the camera that we can post in the gallery on this page!

Thank you for being a part of our local COVID-19 community-service response!