Intermediate Backyard Photography with SSU – CEI – Monday, September, 28, 2020

Monday, September, 28, 2020, 10:00am to 11:30am PST

Let photography bring you closer to nature and inspire others!

Turn-of-the-century photographs of western landscapes led to conservation action across the United States, while recent images of endangered bees and of polar bears living on dwindling resources inspire people to address environmental challenges. At Heartwork Photography and CEI, we are both deeply involved in both Nature and Wildlife Conservation and wework with many Environmental and Wildlife groups to increase awareness. Learn more about the Sonoma State University Center for Environmental Inquiry –

Following spring’s popular beginner program, this class will go into more detail on how you can engage with the variety of photography opportunities right in your backyard using your cellphone or digital camera. Come develop an eye for close-up and creative shots, turning even ordinary natural items into photos to enjoy.


Some photography experience is required, whether that be with a camera or smartphone. This event has no age limit, but is recommended for teens and adults at and advanced-beginner to intermediate level.

Please have your camera ready. During the event, we will take time to go out into our own “local nature” areas such as your back or front yard, just down the street, or on your porch to take nature photographs, so please have a location in mind.

Learn More and Watch Event Video @ SSU's Center for Environmental Inquiry