North Cascades Nat’l Park

Supporting Climate Resilience in Our Communities and Natural Areas

HeartWork Photography is proud to provide our Accessible Photography Outings at North Cascades Nat’l Park.

Less than three hours from Seattle, an alpine landscape beckons at North Cascades N P. Discover communities of life adapted to moisture in the west and recurring fire in the east. Explore jagged peaks crowned by more than 300 glaciers. Listen to cascading waters in forested valleys. Witness a landscape sensitive to the Earth’s changing climate. Help steward the ecological heart of the Cascades.

North Cascades Glacier Monitoring Program
Glaciers are one of the most valuable resources in the North Cascades National Park Service Complex (NOCA). Approximately one-third of all the glaciers in the lower 48 states are within the park. The 312 glaciers in NOCA are a vital component of hydrologic systems and aquatic ecosystems. They also influence soil development, the distribution of vegetation, flooding and are dramatic indicators of climate change. The glacial resource is also central to the region’s hydroelectric industry and our efforts to sustain endangered salmon and trout. Perhaps the most critical role of glaciers is providing cold fresh water during seasonal and interannual droughts, periods of low streamflow and high stream temperature. Glaciers provide 6-12% of the summer runoff of the Skagit River, the largest watershed in Puget Sound

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